A Personal Message

Dear Girl,

I write you with the utmost humility because I understand your plight. I have either heard or spoken your story. With much compassion, I extend myself and my resources to you for your life’s journey.

There’s an old saying that experience is the best teacher. I don’t agree with that. My experience should benefit others. I don’t want all of your lessons to cost you the same amount that it has cost others. It is my hope that some of your lessons don’t have to cost you anything. I know that your self-education will cost you something. I just hope those lessons could be handled through others.

I want you to experience love and compassion. I wish to share with you a sense of hope and peace. I wish you reject the love that you seek in the wrong hands, united with the wrong person(s) so you can receive from family and true friends. I hope your life is worth living. I want you to live fully and completely with hope, faith and love you deserve. Girls have a hard job being girls with all of the expectations of us. Our self-esteem is usually based on the views of others. We will work to change the view of that image.

A Girl’s Day seeks to redefine your self-esteem to a level where you can lift your head. AGD seeks to improve your self-image to a self-respecting level, where you don’t depend on others for their subjective opinion of you. AGD offers a reminder that the opinion of others is built on their own self destructive behaviors which harbor anger, frustration, and bitterness, so those persons should not impact how you feel about yourself.

Don’t hesitate to meet us at an event. Expect change, breakthroughs and self-discovery of ignored beauty inside and out.

Join us for a Girl’s Day!

Just for Girls,

Onedia Gage
Founding Girl